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"Take it!  It's Foundational"
Ashley Perkins, SLP Louisiana

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"Nina is an amazing instructor who blends her knowledge and passion, her empathy and creativity, to provide a course that helps clinicians understand families and children who struggle with feeding. She meets each and every parent and child and therapist where they are to help them make the steps of change needed for success at the mealtime. Nina gets that this is a mealtime! Nina balances her feeding work between family and child, mealtime and skills, with love." 

    -Marsha Dunn Klein, OT 

   The Get Permission Approach

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More Courses


Responsive Feeding: The Baby Cued Method™

E-Course for Professionals

Approaches popularized in social media, such as baby-led weaning, add to parental worry and confusion. The only method with a global consensus is responsive feeding. This webinar introduces the Baby Cued Method and the trends and products that may actually be hindering a child’s transition through critical feeding milestones. 


Starting First Foods: The Baby Cued Method™

Parent Program Coming Soon!

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