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“This was quite possibly the best pediatric feeding course I have ever attended. I learned more in two days from Nina Johanson than any other presenter on the topic. I would jump at the opportunity to sit in her course again!”


The course was awesome! I learned more during these two days about feeding than I did in my college classes and out in the field.  I am inspired and excited to tackle feeding cases that come my way.”


“This was the best feeding workshop I have attended”


“You validated practices that I’ve used all of these years and gave me reason to change and improve other aspects of my treatment”


“One of the best presenters I have ever had the pleasure of attending a class with”


“Completely impressed and inspired”


“Excellent course. I would highly recommend to a colleague”


“In my 16 years of practice, this was the best conference I’ve ever attended, and the most useful. Nina was an amazing presenter with knowledge in all realms.  Very holistic approach to feeding disorders.”


“The missing piece to my treatment approach”-OT


“The best course I have attended as a Speech-Pathologist”


“This was a wonderful educational course. I like the way this approach addressed the “whole” child and family, not just a symptom. I would recommend this course for all clinicians who work with children with feeding disorders”-Jordan, SLP


“I learned so many applicable treatment and evaluation strategies that I am excited to implement in practice”-Brittany, OT


“This class was by far the best class I have been to in my 20+years as an SLP.  It was totally worth the money and long days of class and travel.”

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