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Christine Olivieri, OT

This has been one of my absolute favorite courses in my 15 years as an Occupational Therapist. It is chock-full of resources and everything you need for feeding therapy. I appreciated that every handout referenced was provided for immediate carryover into my treatment sessions. Throughout the course, Nina's passion, expertise, and purpose is contagious, and I am excited to take the next step in my career after taking this course.

Sarath Divakaran, PT

Being a Paediatric Physiotherapist, working in Ireland, the entire course and its speciality was a completely new field to me. Nina's brilliant and jargon free presentation has encouraged me to get out of my comfort zone and look at my own current practice from a variety of angles and in a positive way. It was presented in a very simple and clear way that made it extremely enjoyable and simple to follow.  I would highly recommend this course to all professionals dealing with babies and young children. Thank you Nina, for making a difference in my life and in my profession.

Samantha Craigo, SLP

If you are an SLP or OT wanting to start or advance your training in helping families feed their children, just go ahead and "add to cart" for Nina Johanson's AEIOU course. Nina provides a holistic approach to feeding that centers around evidence-based practices while being very attune to each families unique situation and goals as well as how to truly treat each child individually. She provides a plethora of resources and immediately applicable information. I am SO thankful that I took this course!

"Most comprehensive holistic feeding course I have ever taken!" -Dee Stanfield, OT


"This course is life changing! Nina has such a beautiful way of presenting information that you may or may not already know, but allows you to perceive and think about in a new way. She was excellent at tying concepts together and bringing the whole family together. This has been one of my favorite courses I've taken in years!" -Kristen Holcomb, SLP

"This course is the most comprehensive feeding course that I have attended in my 35 years of OT practice. Nina's approach to treating pediatric feeding disorders is grounded in extensive research, experience and collaboration with medical professionals, while continuing to keep the family's concerns as the priority to guide treatment. I highly recommend this course for all professionals who work with children and families." -OT in Maryland

"This course was extremely worth every minute/cent. Nina's compassion and dedication to her patients and area of expertise shines through the course and provides other clinicians with not only the desire to learn more, but so many ready-to-use skills that are so applicable to so many patients. This course was absolutely fantastic."  -Kari SLP


"This is an essential course for practitioners working with children and their families on feeding. The content covered was expansive and inclusive, covering both the technical aspects of oral motor skill development as well as the more nuanced emotional aspects of parent engagement around feeding. The course is powerful and will have immediate impacts for my practice, and more importantly for the children and families I serve."  Maureen Adams OT


"Fantastic course for beginning and experienced therapists! Nina has a wealth of knowledge in the area of feeding! She pulls together an amazing collection of informative videos and case studies focused on feeding topics and strategies. I will most certainly apply her AEIOU framework in my practice in early intervention!" -Mary, OT 


"This course was an excellent deep-dive into pediatric feeding disorders and ways to support children and their families. It provided wonderful resources for materials and techniques. The recorded evaluations and sessions were especially helpful. The format of the course allowed me to take my time absorbing the information instead of powering through a 20 hour course in two or three days. We wouldn't expect our families to absorb information that way, so I love that this course allowed for better learning practices. I wish I had taken this class straight out of graduate school!" -Sarah SLP

“This was quite possibly the best pediatric feeding course I have ever attended. I learned more in two days from Nina Johanson than any other presenter on the topic. I would jump at the opportunity to sit in her course again!”

The course was awesome! I learned more during these two days about feeding than I did in my college classes and out in the field.  I am inspired and excited to tackle feeding cases that come my way.”

“This was the best feeding workshop I have attended”

“You validated practices that I’ve used all of these years and gave me reason to change and improve other aspects of my treatment”

“One of the best presenters I have ever had the pleasure of attending a class with”

“Completely impressed and inspired”

“Excellent course. I would highly recommend to a colleague”

“In my 16 years of practice, this was the best conference I’ve ever attended, and the most useful. Nina was an amazing presenter with knowledge in all realms.  Very holistic approach to feeding disorders.”

“The missing piece to my treatment approach”-OT

“The best course I have attended as a Speech-Pathologist”


“This was a wonderful educational course. I like the way this approach addressed the “whole” child and family, not just a symptom. I would recommend this course for all clinicians who work with children with feeding disorders”-Jordan, SLP

“I learned so many applicable treatment and evaluation strategies that I am excited to implement in practice”-Brittany, OT

“This class was by far the best class I have been to in my 20+years as an SLP.  It was totally worth the money and long days of class and travel.”

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