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Fri, Oct 28


Live Online Course US Eastern Time

When Baby Can't Suck: An Advanced Course for Therapists (October 2022)

Integrated Treatment of Infants Struggling To Feed An Advanced Course for Therapists

When Baby Can't Suck: An Advanced Course for Therapists (October 2022)
When Baby Can't Suck: An Advanced Course for Therapists (October 2022)

Date and Time

Oct 28, 2022, 5:00 PM – 9:30 PM EDT

Live Online Course US Eastern Time

About the Course


Newborns and young infants who present with bottle and/or breastfeeding challenges require skilled care for proper differential diagnosis and supportive treatment that works, and caregivers deserve to meet their feeding goals.   In this advanced course for therapists, learn how to problem solve sucking issues in infants. What factors are limiting the development of safe efficient feeding, and how should you navigate the many tools available on the market?  Identify underlying structural problems and oral-motor/functional disorders and implement treatment strategies for latch, coordination, and feeding endurance, not just compensatory skills for weight gain! Recognize associated patterns of cranial/facial tension, head/neck/body tension and asymmetry, and how to differentially treat these issues through co-treatment and collaborative care with your team.  

4 1/2-hour course with 15 minute break and Live Q & A after

Presented Live Online (recording not available)

Course Agenda:

  • Development of Sucking and Swallowing Skills: Breast and Bottlefeeding, Meeting Parent Goals for Feeding  Their Infant (30 minutes)
  • Factors that Limit the Development of Safe Efficient Sucking: Case Studies and Video Examples (90 minutes)
  • Break (15 minutes)
  • Tools: From Confusion to Clarity in the Nipple Aisle: Product Characteristics and Function (60 minutes)
  • More Therapy Strategies to Help Infants Feed Well and Thrive (45 minutes)
  • Clinical Problem Solving, Question and Answer (15 min)

Course Objectives:

1. Identify factors that limit the development of safe, efficient sucking skills in infants.

2. Discuss strategies for improving sucking skills in infants.

3. Explain priorities in selecting nipples, bottles, and pacifiers for infants with sucking problems.

Instructor Disclosures:


Nina  Ayd Johanson has no relevant financial relationships in the products or  services described, reviewed, evaluated or compared in this  presentation.  She receives a speaking fee for presenting this course.


Nina  Ayd Johanson has no relevant nonfinancial relationships in the products  or services described, reviewed, evaluated or compared in this  presentation.

Continuing Education:

4 CE Hours

Target Audience:

SLP, OT (ASHA and AOTA CEUs available through CEU Espresso)

Open to IBCLC/Lactation Consultants (certificate only)

Instructional Level:


Course Delivery/Instructional Methods:

Instructor lecture with powerpoint/multimedia presentation, videos, case studies,

participant question and answer/discussion; Course Handouts and Comprehensive Reference List, and Resources available on private course platform for download

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